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Yamaha ???????

Yamaha ???? Yamaha ??????? 4 Yamaha ???? Yamaha ??????????? (5 days ago) Author of the Karen's Power Tools Newsletter and fellow computer programmer, Karen Kenworthy, died on April 12, 2011. (1 week ago)


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Download IE PassView

IE PassView is a small password management utility intended for revealing passwords stored by the Internet Explorer Web browser and allows you to delete passwords (5 days ago)

Synology Assistant Download

Free Download Synology Assistant 5.1-5002 - Easily manage and organize Synology DiskStation(s) in your LAN, monitor server's resources and share you (4 days ago)

Free network monitor

Free network monitor - monitoring software EasyNetMonitor. The smallest free tool for monitoring computers in your local network and any internet hosts. (4 days ago)

Traffic Monitor for LAN download |

Traffic Monitor for LAN is a tool for monitoring and limiting network traffics generated by every user in LAN. Run it on the gateway PC. You seem to have (3 months ago)

Definition of Lan

a local computer network for communication between computers especially a network connecting computers and word processors and other electronic office equipment to create a communication system between offices

Definition of Monitor

someone who supervises an examination; someone who gives a warning so that a mistake can be avoided; an ironclad vessel built by Federal forces to do battle with the Merrimac; display produced by a device that takes signals and displays them on a television screen or a computer; electronic equipment that is used to check the quality or content of electronic transmissions; a piece of electronic equipment that keeps track of the operation of a system continuously and warns of trouble; any of various large tropical carnivorous lizards of Africa and Asia and Australia fabled to warn of crocodiles keep tabs on keep an eye on keep under surveillance; check track or observe by means of a receiver